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Laugh Therapy

Sunday January 28, 2018  @ 1PM (Suggested Donation $5.00)

Laughing with the Vowels!

We will be guiding individuals that are ready to open their heart and soul

to the magical qualities that are waiting to burst from within.

This Laugh Therapy session will leave you tingling from the Divine!

Share the crazy magic of joy by experiencing laughing as therapy.

Inexplicable spiritual guidance is waiting to lead us to a more God realized path.

Dismantle the egos hold on us by laughing toward lightness!!

Please RSVP 262-894-3442 & Join us At Smoke Ham Farm N3157 Lundt Road, Sullivan, WI 53178


Valentine’s Special Events Assisted (Partner) Yoga 

Want this year to be more centered on the health and wellness of your relationships?

Sunday February 11
3 p.m.
Assisted Yoga Home Studio; Sullivan, WI

Wednesday February 14
6 p.m.
Ivy’s Holistic Arts; Fort Atkinson, WI

Thursday February 15
11 a.m.
Ivy’s Holistic Arts; Fort Atkinson, WI

Sunday, February 18
3 p.m.
Assisted Yoga Home Studio; Sullivan, WI

Share your intimate self with someone special at

Ivy’s Holistic Arts
10 S Water St E, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
Assisted Yoga Home Studio
N3157 Lundt Road Sullivan, WI 53178

Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga


Lean on each other

Come with a family member, lover, friend or partner

Receive support to open your heart
For more info = Call: 262-894-3442 or email: