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Purification Retreat

Why should I Attend?
To Spiritually grow through personal reflection, meditation, mindfulness, and Herbal Application.

What are the Benefits?
Getting away and being in nature helps bring the body in balance.

What Will I Learn?
We will practice the purification breath work. You will experience the health benefits of embracing awareness. You will learn mantra and mudra to experience the mystical symbiotic relationship of food, herbs and energy.

Why is the Retreat at Smoke Ham Farm?
Your weekend escape at historic Smoke Ham Farm on 50 acres overlooks the 3000 acres of Rome Pond Wildlife Area in the beautiful Kettle Moraine Forest. The clean, natural atmosphere of a rustic hermitage on a rolling hill with vegetable gardens is one of our country’s most serene regions.

Retreat Pictures

(Two Days) 1 Night 35.00 / (with Meals) 75.00 includes up to 6 meals

(Three Days) 2 Nights 45.00 / (with Meals) 85.00

(Four Days) 3 Nights 55.00 / (with Meals) 95.00

(Five Days) 4 Nights 65.00 / (with Meals) 105.00

Come and stay the weekend! Register NOW!! Choose to sleep indoors in a bed or outdoors in a tent. Indoors we have room for 8 – 12 people. Bring your friends.