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Are You Ready for Something Different?

By on Jan 31, 2016 in Healthy Alternatives | 0 comments

Throughout the years of working with my clients, I have been fascinated by how quickly some become aware, while others take longer to increase their awareness. Or, some stay stuck in the same pattern. So why is this?

If they’re not ready for something different, no matter what I teach or how I give a massage it’s not going to work because the readiness is missing.
Being ready I think involves moving through layers, when we experience what’s possible, feel strength then hope can help us find our way. But, because of our unconscious baggage and distractions we are met with resistance.

Placing our attention inward we can sense what’s limiting, tight or fearful. When we are open to learn a new way to respond we become more aware of how often we sink into survival (shallow breathing) mode.

We might want something different but may feel paralyzed. In order to relax let yourself expand into something new.

Whether teaching a class, private session or giving a massaga the first step I encourage clients is to practice breath awareness.

The practice of breath awareness, learning to sense/feel the movement, constriction or reaction of the breath, allows us to break away from old patterns. Become awake in the moment. Notice the subtle energy changes we feel in our body. Breathe deep. Move out of survival mode into readiness for something different.

One needs awareness and readiness before new breath patterns can be established.

What would you like to be ready for?

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And if they’re not ready, nothing I can say will help. Breathe can be used as an awareness to bridge one into readiness.

What would you like to be ready for?

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