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Elizabeth Webb, CYT

(Certified Yoga Therapist)

My sensitive intuitive caring touch provides healing and wholeness.

I can remember being four (4) years old and knowing that ultimate truth is accomplished by intimate expression of self through touch. This expression of touch has been demonstration through generations of Thai, Reiki, Reflexology, Massage and Yoga. I tapped into the spirit of touch by expressing myself at an early age. I noticed touch was present in every breath and movement I experienced. My intention, even at such an early age, always has been helping the fullness of living.

For over eighteen years I’ve been in the healing service touching and inspiring over 13,000 lives.

My intention is to assist others in opening to their inner self. My time with others cultivates peace and calmness, increasing positive awareness of body, mind and Spirit. I naturally evaluate energy centers, I can see potential ailments and understand the connections. My intention engages the body’s inherent healing power to restore the client to good health. Share

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She lives a simple serene life on a log cabin farm and wishes to help others find peace and serenity. Life on the farm is continuous. Being of service tugs at her heart. Each day her morning routine prepares herself to use healing modalities. In her Assisted Yoga sessions, she encourages others to join in the present moment where the fullness of living is found.

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Awareness flows freely when physical, mental, and emotional states are functioning effortlessly.