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Healing Arts!

Elizabeth started Hatha yoga in 1990. These private sessions opened her heart. 1993 she had the pleasure of learning yoga teachings taught from the Sivananda Institute of Yoga. 1994 she started teaching yoga. Since then she has studied Kundalini, Krepalu, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Bhakti yoga. She’s trained in Partner, YogaFit, Laughter and Restorative yoga. 2008 she graduated as a Certified Senior Therapist from a two year Credited International Yoga Therapy School.

Elizabeth offers Thai Massage, Yoga Classes, Private Sessions and Retreats. that may include Ayurveda, Energy Work, Face Readings, Acro Yoga, Foot Massage, Yogic Eating, Yoga Laughs, Aromatherapy, Meditation and or Reiki. She also provides Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga Therapy. Sessions identify and find causes in the body that create imbalance.
Sessions are specially designed to be catered to each individual’s goals and needs. She can meet you at your home or any of her locations